How to Safeguard Your Roof in Summers

Roofs are one of the most neglected parts of the home in summers. Scorching heat along with UV rays can damage the roof and even cause it to leak. The heat constantly enters your home from the roof and there’s nothing you can do about it but to keep your air conditioners on 24/7. However, you can prevent using so much of home energy by following a few steps.


There are various ways to protect your roof in summers and prevent it from deteriorating. When summer is at its peak, it can warm the surface of your roof up to 160 degree and cool down to 90 degree when night approaches. When temperature keeps on fluctuating constantly, it makes the surface of the roof to contract and expand, thus the foundation of the roof weakens and makes it prone to leaks and further damage.


These are the steps that can be taken to safeguard your roof in summers:


Reflective and Emissive Coatings

The best way to counter the scorching heat and keep it away from damaging your roof is to get a reflective roof coating on your roof. It has many benefits. It does not only radiate the absorbed heat back into the surrounding, but also helps you save energy costs by keeping your home cooler, removing the need to turn on your air conditioning.


These coatings are basically emissive. They help regulate the temperature and cut down energy costs of your home by reducing the usage of appliances like air conditioners etc.


If you are concerned about the beauty of your roof then you can also opt for colorful reflective coatings with designs on it. These are available in several colors, but white color is said to be the most effective one.


Garden Roof Top

Building a green roof top is also an effective option that helps to safeguard your roof in summers. It sure requires daily maintenance but it also provides important benefits. It not only acts as a layer of support above the surface of the roof but also adds to your crib’s beauty.


The green roof absorbs the heat and doesn’t lets it enter the house, thus keeping the home cooler even in hot humid days. However, make sure to speak to a specialist before you decide to grow a garden on your roof. You will need the help of a roofing contractor to make sure the plants do not affect the roof in any negative way as watering your plants can cause damage to the roof if proper care is not taken.



Installing dormers in the upper area of the house is also an option that can help safeguard your roof. Dormers increase the area in the upper rooms and makes more room for air circulation and light, therefore, your roof won’t have to remain hot at all times. Installing dormers requires extra material and wood beams which strengthens the roof, thus it can withstand a hot climate for a longer period of time without getting damaged sooner.

What are the best methods available for removing tree stumps from your lawn?

Trees stumps are what remain after cutting and felling a tree , it is a small portion trunk, whose roots are still in the ground. We will discuss some of the common methods for tree stump removal in this article. Much of this work is best performed by a qualified Arborist. An example of a company that does this work is The City Arborist – a tree service in Greenville SC.

The first method about which we are going to discuss is that , just use a shovel to expose the roots , because it is a necessary step to remove a tree stump. For this purpose start digging around the roots as deep as possible .

The digging method for tree stump removal is a viable method when you are sure that you can expose the roots as a whole by digging around the roots.

The previous method works well for small stumps. Larger trees will leave deep and thick roots. In these cases, a professional tree service uses a stump grinder. This is a machine that uses what looks like a very large circular saw blade to grind the stump down into wood chips. The machine slowly grinds the stump into chips down to a few inches below the ground level. The shallow hole this creates is then backfilled with dirt and the roots are left in the ground. These roots will eventually decompose in the soil.

The second method which is by using loppers or a saw to cut the roots into small pieces depending upon their size . After cutting the roots into pieces pull the pieces out of the ground . Try clear the ground and soil underneath from roots.You can also use an axe to cut the roots but generlly it is not suggessted as it can shaltter badly if it strikes a rock and disconnects the connection of roots which can be troublesome if they are not completely exposed and cleared.

The third method is pulling out the roots ,which are remained under the soil with help of a grub hoe,keep trying to pull out the roots,until the whole or major parts of roots are not removed . For this purpose , you can also cut them , if it is needed , but remove everything as much as possible. The next steps after removal of roots is the removal of stump, because now   you can easily dislodge the stump, now , just dig the soil underneath the stump with help of shovel.If you see more roots cut and pull them out , well, at this stage all the wood is removed and you can easily cut them into pieces.

The last step is filling the hole which is after the whole process of removal of tree stump with help of saw dust , If you ignore this step, then you will receive a large dent or crack at that spot which look very old . The filling up of hole is continued until the whole ground becomes flat. so , you will have to add saw-dust after every month for few months.

How to choose a perfect real estate agent

While choosing an employee for a company or a real estate agent the most important and necessary thing is interview. Don’t rely on opinion of one agent , either you are hiring a buyer agent or seller agent so, You should carry on the meetings with other agents too,because most of the agents will tell you the things which you actually want to listen . but it can be a dreamy situation, you should be realistic and choose a real estate agent.

The other important thing which matters is the knowledge of an agent . He should be able to enough to guide you about complex situations of the process. For example, the loan process has become more complex in 2010 than it was before the other factor is that, contact the agent, who has already   worked with your relative or friend, It is because, if he has given good results to your relative or friend, than he will surely give you positive results.

The other noticeable factor is to meet the real estate agent out of their working environment, because good agent spend very little time in their offices.

Make sure the real estate agent is online because over 85% of all buyers see homes or other property online on initial stages.

Now a days, good agents are assisted with mobile technology . Just check the activities of an agent before hiring him, either there is any sign of which shows that agents is busy enough or not ?. Hard work is good sign of being a good agent, but be careful, sometimes they or to busy to handle your property . If you feel that he is not giving a quality  time than just move on and find another agent .

You should demand a full time from real estate agent , and work with a professional agent .

Check the references , which are provided by other real estate agents . It is very important to know the opinion of other agents working with the agent to whom you have decided to do work.

A good agent will always earn respect from his fellows in his field . The important question that you should ask from a real  estate agent is about his residence , if he is working locally, then he can give you important information about market value of property .

So these important steps should be taken to choose a perfect real estate agent.